Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Introduction

Bonjour mon amies!

I welcome you to follow my humble adventure in costuming. I am invloved with a local chaper of the Society for Creative Anachronsim , so I create garb for the events my family and I attend.

I create garb that resembles pre-tudor costumes in (mostly) northern Europe. I do try to be as historicaly accurate as my knowledge, time and budget allow. I never really learned to sew tradtionaly, so I never learned to need a pattern, so I rarely use any. I am frugal! being on a short budget causes me to use what is available, I have oftern made garb from thrift store finds. I am short, so often times I can get away with using fabric from the selveges edges, which often means I need less fabric. My techniques are not always period, my fabrics are not always period fabrics, but I do reasearch alot. So that being said if you are looking for exact period costuming, you have not found it.

My persona is a late 14th century, early 15th century noble women from southern Brittany. My extended family is currently ruling this dutchy. I occasionaly attend the courts of  Bretange, the King of France, and the King of England, due to my family ties. Most often I enjoy the quiet of my husband's estate located in Morbihan, with my husband, son, widowed mother, and young brother. I enjoy sewing, cooking, and vinting. I am knowledeable about herbs and healing, soapmaking, and arcitechture (even though my father disaprroved mightly) I am learned, so I can read, write and add sums. I love Art and have become very enamored of the art of Van Eryk, which I have studied the use of paint. I am learning embrodiery, and would love to be able to illuminate texts.

In the mundane world I am a full time college student studing arcitechture and natural building. I am married with a young son who we are homeschooling. I have a small hobby farm with chickens, ducks, gesse, and rabbits, plus a large organic garden. I love art, cooking, herbal medicine, history (duh), architechture, reading, vinting, and apparently running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. (I am obviously busy) So do not be surprized if I post a bunch, then I am away for a while.

So come in, relax, and have a glass a wine.....


  1. I think this is my favorite project/garb blog I have found so far. I love how honest you are - it makes the production of my own garb look less intimidating.

    And, yeah, linen is way out of my price range. I took a few people fabric shopping last weekend, and I dragged them all back to the $1/yd section and no one was allowed to look at any other part of the store.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed my blog... my posts tend to come in spurts when I am motivated. But I do have it here so that others can hopefully learn something from my own experiences...