Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tent musings

This post is not really about garb but on a related subject....

So at the last event I attended my mudane tent got caught by the wind, and I am not sure if it is savable. It was a good tent and lasted us seven camping seasons, so it got some good use out of it. But now to replace it. Hopefully I can upgrade to something more period.

What I really want is a french bell tent, or a officier's marquee. I doubt I will be able to get one new (I don't have $700) But I could make the tent myself for about $250 or less.... Do I really want to spend endless hours hand sewing the thing????? My sewing machine will not handle the thick canvas seams, nor could I afford a commerical machine......... I will have to debate about this for a while.....

In the mean time I am on the lookout for a used tent, or maybe I will get one from soul pad.

Finished transtion gown

So just a quick post.... pics will come later

My freind loved the kirtle and the gown!!! The only part of the fit I had to adjust with the kirle was the bust had to be let out a bit. She says the kirtle is very comfy. She wore it twice durring the event we went to. Unfortunatly It was durring the evening and no one was able to snap a pic of her in it. I do have one that I will post when I unpack my camera. She can't wait to to have an event to wear the gown to!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Transition gown is almost finished!!!

 So here are some pics of the gown so far. Please ignor my cluttered kitchen. All I have left to do is the the hiddden lacing. In the pics it is just basted closed. I have a partlet done, which can be reversed to white.  
 The batteries on my camera are dead, so It may be awhile before I get new pics up, But I will defently get pics of the kirtle and gown finished.  

I have a manequin!!!!!

 So I had help from my husband who wrapped me in duct tape.
I took an old pair of thermals and a T-shirt and was covered in a couple of layer of duct tape. We taped the shorts first, then the shirt. It felt like I was in stiff leather body suit. I was cut out by cutting the tape and t-shirt up the back.

I taped the neck and the arms shut, then form was then stuffed with random scraps, clothing that was not salvagable, ragged towels, etc....  And then I tapped the shorts to the shirt. My husband cut a few branches to use as posts and is working on a base for it.

So here is the semi finished manequin.... I will be covering her in cloth at some point in time, but she is useable. It doesen't fit my measurements exactly, but comes pretty close. I think I will call her Corbella.....