Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tent musings

This post is not really about garb but on a related subject....

So at the last event I attended my mudane tent got caught by the wind, and I am not sure if it is savable. It was a good tent and lasted us seven camping seasons, so it got some good use out of it. But now to replace it. Hopefully I can upgrade to something more period.

What I really want is a french bell tent, or a officier's marquee. I doubt I will be able to get one new (I don't have $700) But I could make the tent myself for about $250 or less.... Do I really want to spend endless hours hand sewing the thing????? My sewing machine will not handle the thick canvas seams, nor could I afford a commerical machine......... I will have to debate about this for a while.....

In the mean time I am on the lookout for a used tent, or maybe I will get one from soul pad.

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