Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updating the green Kirtle

The green kirlte I have needed some updates. The sleeves were always a bit snug on the forearms, and my bust seems to be growing again. I had enough seam allowance to let out the bust a bit, but not in the arms.


I split the sleeve up to the elbow. My kirtle now has hanging sleeves. I will be adding a couple of hooks and eyes near the wrist so the sleeves can be closed if I want to.

Now that I split the sleeves, I do not have enough trim to go around the split in the sleeves, and the neckline. So I have decided to embroider the neck line and the sleeves. You can see that I have started the outline of the embroidery in blue floss. Inside I will have a scrolly pattern with flowers and leaves, in purples and greens, with some touches of gold. I am debating about working a few dragonflies into the pattern.

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