Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quilting.... (or what to do with all the scraps)

As I have mentioned, I am very thrifty. I saved many of my scraps. When I cleaned out my sewing fabric bins, I found a garbage bag stuffed full of scraps. I sorted out my scraps into different colors, and set aside the tiny scraps. I have decided that it is time to do something with them. So I am making a quilt. ( I am also saving the tiny tiny scraps to use as stuffing for dolls or stuffed animals. They could also be used to stuff  )

I have enough scraps to make two or three full/queen sized quilts. I currently have 2 planned.

I am currently making one for a friend who watches my homeschooling son for practicaly nothing while I am at school and hubby is at work. This quilt will done in the american crazy quilt/patchwork style since I am working with scraps. Quilting is period, although It is debatable weather patchwork was period.

To start with after I sorted out my scraps, I decided to sew my scraps randomly in to squares. This quilt will be in blues, purples, and greens, with a few blocks of white with blue flowers.

To save on costs I am also using a cotton sheet for the backing instead of the tradtional muslin ($5). So I will have to buy the batting which will cost me about $12. The huge spool of thread costed about $3. I suppose that I could use an old comforter from a thrift store as batting if I could trust where it came from. So a whole home made quilt will cost me about $20. Not bad.

I currently have spent about 15 hours planning, cutting, sewing, and ironing the blue, purple and cream flower sections. I also need to cut and sew the green squares, and then sew the top together... so another five hours. Then I need to baste the layers together, and then quilt it. (I will be machine quilting it) which will be several hours. Hmmm... I am hoping I can get it done to give it as a gift for christmas.... now do I have the time.... Luckily I only have two days left of classes until winter break.

Some info on period quilts

A brief hint at patchwork in the middle ages???
Extant Tristan quilt

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