Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tent Trials- Remarks

So far this tent has definitely been a learning experience. I have come to the conclusion that the most feasible internal structure would be a spoke hub due to the sagging that occurs with heavy canvas. Most period artwork and surviving artwork also supports this theory. I also have come to appreciate the time and considerable cost it would take to make a tent in a medieval setting.

So far it has taken us at least 50 hours of labor to put together this tent. This time does not include the time spent planning, researching, or accruing materials. This is also using modern tools and machinery. We still have to paint the walls, finish the door ties, create the permanent crow's feet, and the hub and spokes.

As for the costs the canvas tarps cost us about $300. We spent approximately $150 on other materials. Including, the frame, ropes, paint, waterproofing, thread and notions, hardware, and heavy duty ground covers. We could have saved some money on the frame which is a bit overbuilt (4x4 hem fir poles and fancy brackets). Also the paint and the ground covers cost $75 just by themselves, and were not necessary, but we wanted to stay dry and give a medieval feel to the tent.

Some things I will continue to do is create a roof lining, and possibly the walls also, since the canvas has some minor flaws to it. I eventually want to get some uposltry fabric to attach to the ground cloth, to give a more medieval feel. I will be painting the walls. We will be creating a spoke hub.

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