Saturday, February 9, 2013

Early Period European Embroidery Examples

Here are a few of the extent embroidery pieces that have inspired the simplified embroidery design for the boy's tunic that I will soon be making.

Llagorse Textile 890's

The Clare Chausuble- English Embroided 1270's-1290's

Buckskin fragment 1200's

Maaseik embroidieries 9th-10th century Anglo Saxon

 Cuff and sketch from Queen Arnegunde 6th century Fankish Queen died in 570 buried St Denis near Paris

Cope English 1315-1335

Unknown coptic 7th to 12 century

Mammen Denmark  find

Egale Dalmica Austra 1330

Osbreg embroidery fragment

Detail from the 'Genesis' hanging. Calatunya, 11th Century
'Genesis' hanging. Details Calatunya, 11th Century

German or English 1200



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  2. The picture you have labeled 1200 embroidered buckskin is in reality part of a silk stocking embroidered in Opus Anglicanum. "Made by the middle of the thirteenth century, the small fragment shows silver-gilt and silk thread embroidery in underside couching, stem stitch and split stitch. The ground material is in silk, and may have been imported from the Mediterranean."