Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wow! It's been a year!

So it's been a year to the day since my last post...

It's been a whirlwind, and unfortunately not in a particularly good way.

My last post was done when I was the last leg of medical leave for a compression fracture in my spine due to a car accident. That post was me getting together the items done previous to the accident and posting them. Going back to work 50 hours while still forced to wear a brace, and not being able to get a full nights rest was difficult. Needless to say I pretty did much nothing for the next 3 months, other than basic survival and work.

I also have Chronic medical conditions. The car accident has intensified my pain and chronic symptoms, to the point of my previous management of diet and exercise no longer kept my pain in check. So I have been on the rounds going on and off meds to see what is helpful, and so far have not been able to find a solution. The Hubby and son have taken over most household/homestead chores. I am at the point where I had to ask for accommodations at work per the ADA, I was given a new position, that is really just busy work, but really the only reason I haven't been fired due to missed work is because of FMLA.

There are a bright spots- My son was skipped ahead to 9th grade math, 4 years ahead of his age peers. He has become a band geek, which he thoroughly enjoys. I've had to watch what I eat extremely carefully, and although not really fun, I have lost 15lbs. An old family friend was struggling, and now her 15 month older daughter, (who is our god daughter) is staying with us on a permanent basis. So now the house if filled with toddler giggles, cuddles, messes and tantrums, but it makes my heart happy to see her doing well, and to watch my son play with the baby "sister" I wasn't able to have. We did get baby chicks this spring since I missed their antics and the fresh eggs. We had several lambs this spring, and will have a freezer full this spring. Plus I did total out the old crappy car, and was able to get an affordable, but gas efficient vehicle that was only 1 year old.

But I am hanging in there, and still researching and creating bits of garb, but not to the degree I was capable of before. Most of what I have done has been simple items for the hubby and son. Which I have not had the energy to bother documenting.

Unfortunately the tent I had made and was so proud of has been retired. The low quaility canvas was the right weight, but had larger threads in a looser weave. Even after sewn it continued to stretch unevenly, and after 4 years of mild use, the strain made it leak like a sieve. Plus I no longer could be helpful with the setup. After looking into the cost of replacing the roof canvas it was decided to go a different route and now have a bell tent (soulpad style), which I can set up by myself if needed.  I want to paint it to give it more of a medieval feel.

I have been slowly working on a detailed evolution of the fitted style of the 14th and 15th century, plus big from the skin out project. Of which I have so far have completed a hand sewn under-dress and have and almost finished kirtle, (buttons and button holes) which will be the subjects of my next few posts.

Peace and love!

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