Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Productive Weekend

So I was able to work some more on the embrodery on the green kirtle, almost finish my sleeveless kirtle experiment, fix a smock, repair my son's cotehardie outfit, add a couple of buttons to his undershirt, and went through my whole fabric stash and sewing area. I am now able to find everything!!!

My kirtle is finished except for adding the gaurd to the hem. I will also be making a pair of pin on sleeves out of the same fabric of the gaurd.

 So as for finding everything I found out I now have the fabric to finish some of the things I wanted to do.  Yeah!!!

Here is an update of my ongoing list of stuff to do....
  • Repair my son's cotehardie outfit.  Done!!
  • Line son's wool cloak, add laces to undershirt. Added  buttons
  • Fix arms on green kirtle,  Done add trim, in progress and finish lacing holes. no fraying yet it can wait
  • Finish sleeveless kirtle experiment.  (Just needs gaurds put on)
  • I also found and organized the fabric I have for current projects. Knowing where the suff is located is half the battle right? 
Things I should do or wanted to do but now have the materials
  • Another shirt, and pants for my son.
  • A long sleeved under shirt and for my husband.
  • Pin on sleeves and hose for myself.
  • Another apron.

So updated list of stuff  to do over the winter before next camping event.
  • Fix bodices on blue cotte, red kirtle, and an underdress.
  • Finish green kirtle, sleeveless kirtle, and pin on sleeves.
  • Line son's wool cloak, make an undershirt, and finish gray t-tunic.
  • Sew tent
  • Finish husband's Middle Eastern coat. Redo frogs on kaftan, and make an undershirt.
  • A pair of hose or two for myself.
Stuff to do at a later date
  • Redo waist band on gypsy skirt, and make a matching choli.
  • Make son a gypsy vest, another shirt, and pants.
  • Another apron, smock and underdress
  • Cut lining for fancy purple kirtle, sew it, then embroder it.
  • Make striped Kaftan for husband
Things I should do or wanted to do but need materials
  • A hood and pants for my son.
  • A long sleeved under shirt and for my husband.
  • Gold patterned cotte once I can afford buttons.
  • A Hennin, and a red or black hood. 
  • A couple pairs of gloves for myself.
  • A gray fur lining to make a cloak/mantle from a red/purple woolen material I have.

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