Friday, July 6, 2012

Tablecloth Meet Tunic

A friend of mine is fairly new to the SCA, but was looking for some of his own more authentic garb, (compared to hodge podge loaner garb) on a shoestring budget. He wants to have a viking persona (see my research post here), so I made a simple mock up tunic out of an old linen table cloth he had given me, and am in the process of trimming out the sleeves and neck. I am planning on making a pair of pants out of the same cotton ticking.

I did use a sewing machine to sew it together, and the interior seams are still raw until I do a finial fitting, But other than the hem at the bottom of the tunic (which was the hem on the table cloth) there is no visible machine stitching. I am hand sewing the trim to give it a bit more authentic feel, since this will be a perfectly wearable mock up when I am done. 

The sleeves are not currently full length, but about 3/4 length and looser fitting, due to the amount of fabric I had to work with, but I did end up with enough scrap that I could easily add to the sleeves, if my friend so desired. The body will also be a bit looser fitting, so this would be perfect for a hot camping event.

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