Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have a manequin!!!!!

 So I had help from my husband who wrapped me in duct tape.
I took an old pair of thermals and a T-shirt and was covered in a couple of layer of duct tape. We taped the shorts first, then the shirt. It felt like I was in stiff leather body suit. I was cut out by cutting the tape and t-shirt up the back.

I taped the neck and the arms shut, then form was then stuffed with random scraps, clothing that was not salvagable, ragged towels, etc....  And then I tapped the shorts to the shirt. My husband cut a few branches to use as posts and is working on a base for it.

So here is the semi finished manequin.... I will be covering her in cloth at some point in time, but she is useable. It doesen't fit my measurements exactly, but comes pretty close. I think I will call her Corbella.....

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