Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions.....

So before cutting my fabric for the gown I have done some last min reasearch and decision making.

After close inspection of this gown   it apears to not have a waist seam. Which makes things easier for me since I am more familiar with no waist seam kirltes and cottes.

Also typical is not having a front center seam except where hidden lacings would go, so the front is cut from one piece. Many of these gowns also apear to have less volume in the front and more in the back with pleats held by a belt and often a train.
 I have included a few other pics of
other transition gowns (most of them I believe are from Seven star wheel's blog). Some gowns apear to have waist seams and some do not, others are hard to tell due to the belts. A few even seam to have princess seams, and side gore leading into the sleeves. Some thinner, others with boxier waists.....

So the pic to the left is what I have decided to go with for cut and construction of this gown.

The front will be one piece with the opening for the hidden lacing (I might end up using hooks and eyes because that is what I have available) which will be placed on a folded edge to cut.

I will have two back pieces, with three gores. the two large gores will be inserted very high, creating the volume needed for the pleats, along with a shorter gore inserted at the waist level.

There are two smaller side gores, and two elbow length sleeves. I will try to get as much of a train as possible in the back with the fabric I have.

So with my fingers crossed, I go to cut the clothe.......

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