Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things

So It has been while since I posted. Mundane life seemed to get in the way. Not long after my last post I returned to school for my last semester. I have since, not in any specific order; Graduated, took in a neglected pit and found a new home for said chicken killing but otherwise well behaved dog, was offered and revoked a really good job halfway across the state, Made several 8+ hour round trips to find housing for said job, half packed and then unpacked my household. The husband was laid off and in laws offered to help financially and then revoked. Took in a roommate, so lost my office/sewing room. Had several infections early in the semester, and currently pertussis, with no help from antibiotics due to allergies. All while trying to take care of the homestead, home/virtual schooling my son (who skipped over 3rd grade) and searching for a job.

Whew!!! I will be glad when the mundane in my life works all the kinks out.

Despite all that I haven't been completely unproductive in regard to everything related to sewing and garb.

I did do a commission project (a fantasy tunic, jerkin and wizard's cloak) for a gentleman. The fabrics were natural high quality materials, and were a joy to work with, and the gentleman was pleased with the results.

I have learned how to shear, wash and comb wool. I even tried my hand at spinning, but at the moment I require a drop spindle of my own.

I learned how to knit, the hat my son is wearing is one of my first projects. I also have made a couple of scarves and experimented with different lace knitting patterns. The next item I want to tackle are some socks...

I have hand sewn a pair of pants for my husband in a light weight maroon colored fabric recycled from some linen/cotton curtains. They are slimmer and made with a crotch gusset like many early examples of mens' trousers, but still have a drawstring, and have a pocket hidden into the side seam (hubby's request). But unfortunately they are MIA for a picture. I also have cut out another couple pairs of pants for our roommate who is also a SCAdian, but has very little garb. These will be machine sewn, but all visible stitching will be hand sewn. One will be from the same red fabric as my husband's pair, the other a stripped tan/white cotton to match the shirt I made him earlier in the year.

I have also been working on middle eastern style coat for my husband. It is pictured on the left. It is a gold/green pattern acrylic that resembles silk woven with gold. the picture doesn't do it justice. Better pics to come in the future. It is lined in a soft white cotton and the hems and inside seams will be trimmed with a hand dyed bright pink cotton. The coat itself has wrist length sleeves, and the hem will rest near his knees. Most of this garment is machine sewn, but I will be hand sewing some frog closures down the front.

I have also been doing a lot of planning for garb.

I was able to acquire several yards of 100% linen, and some periodesque cotton prints for some future projects.

My son has outgrown most of his garb, So I will be busy making him a few simple items, (pants, a tunic, an undershirt, a cloak lining and a gypsy vest are on the list) before the summer camping season starts.

The hubby wants a couple lightweight shirts, and we both need an under shirt/dress. I will be revamping some of my camp garb, (adjusting for bust issues, fixing and/or finishing seams and hems) and refashioning some garb I was given into either a parti-colored kirtle or 2 sideless surcoats. Right now I am leaning towards the sideless surcoats.

The roommate also has a few items he would like, out of recycled fabrics given to him. A lined cloak and a couple of viking tunics. Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you view the situation) I have all the time of in the world at the moment to work on sewing projects once I get better.

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