Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Past year's progress with sewing

See this list??? It is over a year old. the stuff in yellow is the stuff I have completed in the last year. green are new notes, red things that are no longer needed. 

 List of stuff  to do over the winter.- Dec 1211
  • Fix bodices on blue cotte, red kirtle, and an underdress. Red kirtle still has enough give in it
  • Finish green kirtle, sleeveless kirtle, and pin on sleeves. Create side back lacing on sleeveless??
  • Line son's wool cloak, make an undershirt, and finish gray t-tunic. Grey tunic scaped 
  • Sew tent
  • Finish husband's Middle Eastern coat. Redo frogs on kaftan, and an undershirt. Coat just needs trim
  • A pair of hose or two for myself.
Stuff to do at a later date
  • Redo waist band on gypsy skirt, and make a matching choli. Fix choli
  • Make son a gypsy vest, another shirt, and pants. green linen shirt, and brown linen pants
  • Another apron, smock and underdress
  • Cut lining for fancy purple kirtle, sew it, then embroder it.
  • Make striped Kaftan for husband - Striped fabric make into vest thingy, purple print into kaftan
Things I should do or wanted to do but need materials
  • A hood and pants for my son. Redyed husband's old hood for him
  • A long sleeved under shirt and pants for my husband. - Have all the materials now
  • Gold patterned cotte once I can afford buttons.- Have buttons
  • A Hennin, and a red or black hood. 
  • A couple pairs of gloves for myself.
  • A gray fur lining to make a cloak/mantle from a red/purple woolen material I have.

So even though I did not get everything done on my list before last years camping season I did accomplish a lot.  The big major project was the tent.  My husband and I were able to make due with the items we already had for the few events we went to, and my son still fit into most of his items. Plus I was able to acquire many of the things that were preventing me from completing garb. So what follows is my new list 

Garb stuff  to do  Jan 2013

For Camping Season
  • Boy- Green linen tunic, brown linen pants, Gypsy vest, undershirt, Line wool mantel, another pants?
  • Husband- Trim coat, Striped vest thingy or Purple patterned light kaftan, Undershirt
  • Myself- Repair Choli, hem veil, find/make veil straps, fix gores on purple wool kirtle
    • Make smock and linen underdress,
    • Modify- backlacing on mauve/plaid kirtle? Sideless surcoats from given garb
  • Roommate- Tan/white striped pants, red pants, lt blue linen tunic, tan linen tunic, lined mantel
Later date/unpressing stuff- materials already mostly on hand
  • Boy - New court garb (Turquoise tunic perhaps or add to velvet outfit) 
    • more pants, and undershirts/tunics
  • Husband- Striped vest thingy or Purple patterned light kaftan, another kaftan or two, extra undershirt, head coverings
  • Myself- linen hose and gloves, Hennin, Black shaped hood, liliprei? another apron...
    • Fix seams on fur Burgundian, Finish seams on woven Burgundian. 
    • Adjust neckline on blue/brown cotte. V neck to curved
    • Fancy embroidered purple linen blend kirtle lined with sage (reversible or parti colored?)
    • Gold linen cotte with brown buttons
    • Fancy Turquoise linen cotte- with tippets and buttons
  • Roommate - Court tunic and pants from cotton satin. Dk blue cotton tunic and pants, wool plain tunic, hood, leg wraps
Materials needed 
  • Gray fur for red mantel
  • Silks, velvets, linens, and trims for fancy garb
It seem as if I have a whole lot more projects for myself, which is partly true, but part of it is my persona having at any one time 2 to three visible layers plus an underdress or smock. I do a lot of camp cooking besides a fire, so need garb that is not fancy for camp along with fancier garb for court because several somebodies decided it was a good thing to make me a lady. Hee hee.... Where as the boy husband and roomie have less layers, nor do they fight, cook, forge or do other activities requiring a separate set of garb. well the boy is an exception, hence he has one fancy set of garb. Not to mention I just like to sew, and find it easier to envision garb for myself, and I had more opportunity to go to events in the past. A lot of my current garb that was a bit nicer I will now be using as camp garb and removing some of my earlier attempts with synthetic materials.

If I am able to accomplish all this stuff on my list I will be able to remove much of my starter garb (which in my own opinion is somewhat horrible) from my wardrobe, and still have a distinct set of camp garb that is comfy  plausibly authentic, but not a big deal if ruined. And as things wear out I will Hopefully be able to replace them with better materials, and more skillfully made items....

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