Monday, August 15, 2011

I've been productive

So I have been able to complete quite a few things from my list of stuff.  Below is my list from a few blogs ago. I have updates in yellow.
  • An apron which I am hand sewing needs finishing. Finished
  • I have the experimental dyed kirtle fabric, But I think the color and shrinkage make unusable. Kirtle has been succesfully redyed. It will be useable if it is sleeveless, and if I find a gaurd, body is mostly sewn together. 
  • I have a lilac linen cotte cut out. I plan to line and trim it with a sage green I have (ohh reversable maybe?? ) and embroder it.
  • I need another smock, a long sleeved underdress, a short sleeved working kirtle, and a pair of sleeves. Short sleeve kirtle in the puple wool is finished except for lacing holes. I found fabric I had set aside for a smock and long sleeve underdress.
  • I have the gold pattern fabric to make a cotte from, but I need some nice metal buttons to go with it.
  • I want to make a choli, but don't have any fabric to match the skirt I have. I found enough fabric left over from skirt to make a choli, and I found some patterning info.
  • I want to redo the skirt I have and make it into a waist band that ties instead of a drawstring.  
  • My son wants a gypsy vest from some dark gray woolen I have.
  • My husband could use an undershirt and a kaftan. I have a nice green patterned fabric for him. I got a sleevless undershirt, a light kaftan, and a pair of pants for him completed. I even have fabric cut for a coat for him, and the lining dyed.
So after wearing my green kirtle I have discovered that I need to do something with the sleeves. It is to tight around the elbow for full movement. I do not have any extra fabric to add gussets for the elbows, and it is let out as much as possible. So since this is a fancier kirtle that I plan to trim or embroder, plus not as breathable as I would like, I will cut the sleeves open to make hanging sleeves from just above the elbow, and create some frog closures on the sleeves to close them if I so wish. I also lost a veil strap, so I need t make a new one.

So my updated list of family garb related things to do....
  • Repair my son's cotehardie outfit. (he ripped a seam, and got his pants caught on playground equipment)
  • Line his green wool cloak, add laces to his undershirt.
  • Finish husband's Middle Eastern coat. Redo frogs on light kaftan.
  • Make a smock and long sleeve underdress, veil strap, and hem sheer veil.
  • Fix arms on green kirtle, add trim, and finish lacing holes.
  • Redo waist band on gypsy skirt, and make a matching choli.
  • Make gypsy vest for son.
  • Finish sleeveless kirtle experiment.
  • Cut lining for fancy purple kirtle, sew it, then embroder it.
  • Make striped Kaftan for husband
Things I should do or want to do but need materials
  • Another undershirt, hood and two pants for my son.
  • A long sleeved under shirt and for my husband.
  • Gold patterned cotte once I can afford buttons.
  • A Hennin, and a red or black hood. 
  • A couple pairs of gloves, pin on sleeves and hose for myself.
  • A gray fur lining to make a cloak/mantle from a red/purple woolen material I have.
  • And possibly another apron.
My list seems to have gotten bigger instead of smaller. Hmmmm......
On the plus side if I am able to complete all that our wardrobe would be basicly complete except for items I cannot make (woolen socks, belts, shoes, etc...). Of course There will always be updates as things wear, or grow, but then I will be able to work with more period fabrics and techniques if I am only replacing a piece at a time.

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