Friday, August 5, 2011

Upcoming project musings

Alright, I know I have not posted anything in a long while. Life and school got too busy for sewing. I am bummed out since I am even too poor for Poor Man's Pensic at the moment.

But soon I will have a week off, and am contempating starting a new project. I have a few things I have started, or want to do. I just can't decide which one.
  • An apron which I am hand sewing needs finishing.
  • I have the experimental dyed kirtle fabric, But I think the color and shrinkage make unusable.
  • I have a lilac linen cotte cut out. I plan to line and trim it with a sage green I have (ohh reversable maybe?? ) and embroder it.
  • I need another smock, a long sleeved underdress, a short sleeved working kirtle, and a pair of sleeves.
  • I have the gold pattern fabric to make a cotte from, but I need some nice metal buttons to go with it.
  • I want to make a choli, but don't have any fabric to match the skirt I have.
  • I want to redo the skirt I have and make it into a waist band that ties instead of a drawstring. 
  • My son wants a gypsy vest from some dark gray woolen I have.
  • My husband could use an undershirt and a kaftan. I have a nice green patterned fabric for him.
The long sleeved underdress, my husband's undershirt and the choli will have to wait until I can afford more fabric. I might be able to find some fabric in my stash to make a short sleeved kirtle, but I an not sure. My son has plenty of shirts, and we are not going to any hot events anytime soon. I will wait to make the gold patterned cotte until I have the buttons.

So I think I will take the apron and the skirt to my MIL's next weekend to keep me occupied. I might be able to turn the failed kirtle fabric into a smock, since no one will notice the color, or if it is short.

So that leaves me with 2 major projects ~ Fitted lilac/sage cotte with embrodery, or a green patterned kaftan for my husband......hmmmmm.  My husband could use a another shirt more than I need a cotte, but the cotte would be easier to construct for me, and way more fun to embrodier.

Although I do need another working kirtle one with short sleeves this time, since my other has become severly stained, but this should only take a day to construct, and then casualy do the lacing holes.... I must check my fabric stash tommorow.

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