Friday, August 5, 2011

New Kirtle


So I spent a good chunk of the day making this kirtle. I am amazed that I was actually able to pull it off. I only had 2 1/2 yards of 60" wool suiting I found at a thrift store months ago. I based this kirtle of the kirtle worn in the Shepard's Dance, hence the pleated hem, and short sleeves. It only has two modest side gores, and the hem just skims the floor when I am barefoot, so this will be a great working kirtle. Now I just need to finish my apron to go with it.

I discovered that no matter how hard I try I cannot have a straite seam in the back, due to my curves without having major puckering right above my bum. A curved seam also seems to work better for my front, but it is not as severe. It was so much easier the work with the maniquin to get the hem even, and the seams fitted. No need to try it on fifteen hundred times and try to see my back in the mirror.

I do need to finish some of the seams inside, and actually make lacing holes, since I am currently just basted into it. But I am happy with how it turned out, and am surprized at how cool it is for being wool.

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