Sunday, August 7, 2011

A trip to the Middle East...

I feels good to be sewing again, It is defently a stress relief for me. It appears that we will be able to go to poorman's since my husband got a some unexpected money, and since due to his work we can not easily go down to my MIL's. Anyways most of his garb is more fall weather wear, so I have been busy making him some warm weather garb. I will do a is it period blog about it when I can snap a pic of him in it.

So this is based of of a Persian Caftan. It is made out of a very light weight cotton. I had to adjust a bunch of the measurements because my husband's body does not do squares well. His back and upper shoulders are much more muscular than his front. It does have the inset sleeves, which my husband says are comfy, and offers a lot of movement. I also added trim to give structure to the hems. And I am working on some frog closures on the front.

I also made him a pair of pajama style drawstring pants, out of a light weight green cotton with a gold scroll pattern. I later this week I will be making and outer caftan using the same fabric I used for the trim, and lining it will a white cotton. Good thing cotton is period for him, and I had more stuff in my fabric stash than I remembered.

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