Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is it Period Garb? Houppelande #1

So this is my first attempt at a houpelande. It is made from a  a heavy linen or cotton woven fabric. It has red, yellow, and purple hues in a diaper pattern. It is made with a bodice peice with an attached skirt, with the seam  and a couple of  hooks and eyes to help hold the fabric together  hidden by the wide fabric belt just below the bust.  The hem hangs a couple of inches on the floor in front, and about 18 in in the back. It has small collar,  and wide bell sleeves. The whole of the garment is machine stitched.

 I had some problem with the collar, so it has a couple of extra peices.  After wearing this garment a few times I had to repair the seams, and to surge them. (again not knowing how badly woven materials fray without finished seams.) All in all I am happy about how this garment turned out. This garment is warm, but not overly warm.  Works well for a drafty indoor winter event, but not warm enough for a cold fall evening at a camping event.

If I could do it again, I would line the whole of the garment, finish the seams right away. I know more about making colars,  So the collar would be not pieced. I would also buy more fabric,  so I could do a rotated-point, Circle-plan Houppelande,( ) or at least not have a seam under the bodice  (that is if money wasn't a consideration). I also would probly at least trim the houpe with fur, if not line it with fur.

What is Period about it? It has a natural woven fabric, it has a simular apearance to many early houpes. It has a decent length and sleaves for a modest houpe.

What is not period about it? It is machine stitched, it does not have pleats leading to the shoulders which most houpes have in period art work. Most Houpes are also lined, trimed with fur, or both.

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