Sunday, May 1, 2011

Musing over next project.....

So a very good friend of mine has an persona from 1485 Ireland. She recently gained a bit of weight and does not have much garb that fits, and nothing spectacular to go with her balefire award. (Plus her husband is thinking of fighting in crown tourney) So I am thinking of doing a pre-tudor transtion gown for her. I have four yards of a 60" woven purple matieral that would be great for a warm overdress (cotte) she is short like me, so it should be plenty for her modest irish persona, If I can use just over four for my houpes. See the green gowns below.

In the second pic, it would seem that the black v at the neck would be a kirtle, judging by the black at the sleeves, instead of a plaket or partalet. So I will make her a side laced kirtle, (back laced are difficult for her) without a waist seam, and a v neck. I just need to find 3 yards of black cotton or linen, plus lining material.

The dress it self has a front seam just past the natural waist, and is closed eithier by hooks and eyes or hidden lacing. There does not apear to be a waist seam, it has a square neck line. I will find some golden colored brocade or damask for trim around the hem and the neck line. Also I should find a couple yards of a soild silky light golden color for the sleeves. (Purple and gold are her device colors and her favorite)

Lucky for me her size is simular to mine, So I can make most of it by adjusting my measurements. I will have to wait to sew up the side seams on the overdress until I can surprize her with it.

Now just to find the time..........

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