Friday, May 13, 2011

Kirtle in progress

Horrible pic I know. So this is the kirtle so far...I really need to get a maniquine.... I have got the body of the kirtle sewn together, and the sleeves attached. The lacing strip is ready for lace holes. I do need to trim the neck line a inch lower and square it out. I do need to add the trim to the hem, sleeves, and neck yet also. 

Lucky for my my friend is very close in size to me. I did baste the front seam to judge how well it will fit. I will have to probly take in the side seams a bit under the bust for her, the wrinkles at the waist is due to the large seam allowance I left inside, and due to the kirtle riding up a bit, since my friend is smaller in the hips. If I hem this gown the way it is it will just skim the top of my friends feet, So I will lengthen it about 4 inches with a wide band of black trim.

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