Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is it period garb? Turk coat

 My husband wanted to take a trip to damascus in the 1190's  and not be tagged as a crusader. So this is a coat I made for him. The outside is a floral patterned cotton, the lining is a green/gold felt with a few pieces of a golden satin to cover what the felt would not. The trim is satin ribbon. There is cotton batting between the layers to make the coat warmer since it was made for fall events. The fabric belt and the pants are both of a yellow striped cotton. It is machine stitched.

He wanted a Selunjk (sp) turk outfit so I did some reasearch, and decided to try and make a Yalma for him. It didn't turn out exactly as planned, seeing as the overlap was not enough to reach all the way across his chest, and lack of fabric and time to fix it.  So it is more of a hibrid between a yalma and a kaftan.  But my husband was happy with it, and it kept him warm enough for the event.

If I could do it again I would have more fabric, to fully make it into a yalma. I would also add the gold bands on the arms. The pants also could use a bit more fabric.

Is it period? Mostly. The felt is synthetic, also wool was not very common as I understand it in the arab world durring that time period. Also it is not truly eithier a yalma or a kaftan. plus it is machine stitched.

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